Yellowjacket Park

Yellowjacket Park Features

Yellowjacket Park is home to a barrier-free playground for all ages of young children and all abilities. This playground has large shade canopies, music playing, interactive panels, and all the classic playground elements.

Yellowjacket Park is located off of Yellowjacket Lane behind the Hobby Lobby shopping center. There are three ballfields available for rent. Field #1 has a pitching mound. Fields #2 and #3 have no pitching mounds. Presently there are no lights available for nighttime use in Yellowjacket Park.

The Yellowjacket baseball fields have scheduled league play through the spring and fall seasons. You can call (972) 771-7761 for availability at the park. As of 2023, the fields can be reserved for $10 per hour. Facility Rentals and Facility Use Agreements have first priority over any first-come, first-served usage.

Map of Yellow Jacket Park and Ballfields – plus other Information

Welcome to Yellowjacket Park Fun Place for Children

Welcome to Yellowjacket Park, a vibrant and enchanting world of play in Rockwall, TX’s heart. This inclusive playground is not just your average park; it’s a haven with endless possibilities for children of all abilities. Step inside and prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure.

As you enter Yellowjacket Park, you’ll be greeted by bursts of color that dance through the air like butterflies. The whimsical structures seem almost alive, beckoning you to come closer and explore their secrets. Vibrant slides twist and turn like kaleidoscopes while swings soar toward the sky, carrying laughter.

But what truly sets this playground apart are its thoughtful features designed for inclusivity. Every child deserves to experience joyous playtime adventures without barriers or limitations. In this magical realm, they can do just that.

With accessible pathways winding throughout the park, children using wheelchairs or mobility aids can navigate freely alongside their friends. Sensory-rich elements engage young minds and kindle imaginations as they discover hidden treasures at every turn. From tactile panels inviting touch to musical instruments encouraging harmonious collaborations, something new is always waiting to be discovered.

Yellowjacket Park is a testament to unity, where children from all walks of life come together in shared delight and celebration of diversity. It serves as a reminder that within these colorful walls lies more than just a place for play; it cultivates empathy, understanding, and compassion among future generations.

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