Rockwall County Government Center Phone Numbers

Rockwall County Government Center: Local Administration in Rockwall, Texas

In the bustling heart of Rockwall, Texas, stands the Rockwall County Government Center, a pivotal establishment in local governance. Located at 1101 Ridge Road, this center is more than just a building; it represents Rockwall County’s commitment to providing accessible, efficient, and transparent government services to its residents. This article provides a detailed overview of the various departments in the Government Center, along with essential contact information for each.

Contact Information and Phone Numbers for Key Rockwall County Departments

  • Rockwall County Clerk’s Office
    Phone: (972) 204-6300
    Located at: 1111 E. YellowJacket Lane – Suite 100 – Rockwall, Texas 75087
    The County Clerk’s office is a cornerstone of local administration, handling vital records such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and various licenses. It’s a vital resource for residents seeking access to important personal documents.
  • Rockwall County Court 
    Phone: (972)-204-6410
    Address: 1111 E Yellow Jacket Ln #403, Rockwall, TX 75087
    The County Court deals with various legal matters crucial in the local judiciary system. It’s where civil disputes and lesser criminal matters are addressed.
  • Rockwall County Judge
    Phone: (972) 204-6000
    The County Judge’s office is integral to local governance, overseeing the county’s administrative functioning and playing a key role in county-level judicial proceedings.
  • Rockwall County District Attorney’s Office
    Phone: (972) 204-6800
    The District Attorney’s office is pivotal in the criminal justice system and prosecutes criminal cases in the county.
  • District Clerk
    Phone: (972) 204-6500
    The District Clerk is crucial for administrating the district courts, managing court records, and supporting court proceedings.
  • Rockwall County District Court
    Phone: 972-204-6610
    The District Court handles serious criminal and civil cases, ensuring justice is served at the county level.
  • Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office
    Phone: (972) 204-6800
    Criminal District Attorney: Kenda Culpepper
    Address: 1111 East Yellowjacket Lane, Suite 201. Rockwall, TX 75087.
    The office of Kenda Culpepper, the Criminal District Attorney, is a key component of the criminal justice system in Rockwall County, leading the charge in prosecuting criminal cases and upholding the rule of law.

The Role and Importance of the Government Center

The Rockwall County Government Center serves as the nerve center of local administration, facilitating a wide array of services under one roof. The convenience of having multiple departments in a single location streamlines the process for residents seeking government services, enhancing the overall efficiency of local governance.

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Each department within the Government Center plays a unique role in maintaining the county’s administrative framework. From managing legal documentation to adjudicating cases and prosecuting crimes, the departments work in unison to ensure the smooth functioning of the county’s legal and administrative systems.


The Rockwall County Government Center is more than just a physical space; it symbolizes organized and committed local governance. It is a testament to Rockwall County’s dedication to serving its community with integrity, efficiency, and transparency. For residents of Rockwall, the Government Center is not just a place to access services but a beacon of democratic values and civic engagement.