Lake Ray Hubbard Marinas

Where Scenic Beauty Meets Exceptional Amenities

Lake Ray Hubbard with Interstate 30 coming into Rockwall, Texas.

Lake Ray Hubbard is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Texas, offering a picturesque getaway for boating enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its stunning views, crystal-clear waters, and an array of exceptional amenities, Lake Ray Hubbard marinas provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure on the water.

Whether you’re seeking privacy and tranquility or looking to stay connected with all the latest updates about the lake, our marinas have got you covered. From secure boat slips to boat rentals and even joining our exclusive boat club, there’s something for everyone at Lake Ray Hubbard.

But that’s only part of it – we believe in keeping our visitors informed every step of the way. That’s why we offer email updates straight to your inbox so you never miss out on any exciting news or events happening around the lake.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also proudly work alongside some incredible sponsors who bring their expertise and support to enhance your experience at Lake Ray Hubbard. So get ready to explore this stunning destination as we dive into everything it offers!


When choosing the perfect marina on Lake Ray Hubbard, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what others have to say! Our marinas have received rave reviews from boaters who appreciate the stunning scenery and top-notch amenities. From friendly staff to well-maintained facilities, these reviews speak volumes about the exceptional experience you can expect at Lake Ray Hubbard Marinas. Take advantage of your chance to be part of this amazing community!

Lake Ray Hubbard Current Weather Alerts and Forecast

Stay informed about the current weather conditions at Lake Ray Hubbard marinas with our real-time weather alerts. Whether it’s a sudden thunderstorm or high winds, we’ll keep you updated so you can plan your day on the water accordingly. Don’t let unexpected weather ruin your boating experience – trust us to provide you with the latest updates and ensure your safety while enjoying the scenic beauty of Lake Ray Hubbard.

Are you planning a day out on Lake Ray Hubbard? Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before setting sail! Knowing what Mother Nature has in store for you can make all the difference between smooth sailing and stormy waters. Stay one step ahead by staying informed about the current weather conditions, predicted temperatures, wind speeds, and any chance of precipitation. Whether you’re looking for sunny skies or a cool breeze, the Lake Ray Hubbard weather forecast will help you plan your perfect boating adventure. So grab your sunscreen and sunglasses because it’s time to enjoy everything this beautiful lake offers!

Lake Ray Hubbard Water Level (last 30 days)

If you plan a day out on the lake, knowing the water level is always good. At Lake Ray Hubbard, we have provided updates on the water level for the past 30 days. This information is crucial for boaters and fishermen, as it helps them plan their activities accordingly. Stay informed about the water levels at Lake Ray Hubbard, and make sure your next visit is smooth sailing!

Lake Ray Hubbard Marinas and Boat Rentals

If you’re looking to set sail on Lake Ray Hubbard, there’s no shortage of marinas and boat rentals to make your experience unforgettable. Whether you need a secure boat slip for the season or wanting to rent a pontoon for an afternoon cruise, our marinas have got you covered. With stunning views and top-notch amenities, it’s never been easier to take to the water and enjoy all that Lake Ray Hubbard offers. So grab your life jacket and get ready for some nautical fun!

If you’re looking to explore the beauty of Lake Ray Hubbard, but don’t own a boat, don’t worry! Plenty of boat rental options are available for you to enjoy a day out on the water. From pontoon boats to jet skis, there’s something for everyone. Renting a boat allows you the freedom to navigate the lake at your own pace and take in all of its scenic wonders. So gather your friends or family and make some unforgettable memories on Lake Ray Hubbard with a boat rental!

Secure Boat Slips

When it comes to storing your boat, security is a top priority. That’s why our marinas offer secure boat slips that give you peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems and 24/7 monitoring to ensure the safety of your valuable investment. With our secure boat slips, you can relax and enjoy Lake Ray Hubbard’s scenic beauty without worrying about your vessel’s security.

Join the Boat Club

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Ray Hubbard, joining a boat club might be the perfect option for you. With a boat club membership, you can access various boats without the worry of maintenance or storage. Imagine cruising on the sparkling waters whenever you want, without any ownership responsibilities. It’s an incredible opportunity to make lasting memories with friends and family while exploring all that Lake Ray Hubbard offers.

Three Marinas On Lake Ray Hubbard

– Chandlers Landing

Chandlers Landing is a hidden gem nestled along the scenic shores of Lake Ray Hubbard. With its picturesque views and serene atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this Lake Ray Hubbard marina is a popular choice for boat enthusiasts. Offering secure boat slips, boat rentals, and even membership to their exclusive Boat Club, Chandlers Landing has everything you need for an unforgettable day on the water. Explore all these stunning marina offers and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to Chandlers Landing, the epitome of excitement in Rockwall, Texas! This vibrant community is bursting with endless possibilities for adventure and enjoyment. Nestled along the stunning shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, Chandlers Landing offers a breathtaking view that will leave you awestruck every single time.

Picture yourself strolling along the marina promenade as colorful sailboats sway gently in the breeze, their sails billowing against a backdrop of azure skies. The air crackles with an electrifying energy as residents and visitors alike soak up the sun-drenched atmosphere. Whether you’re an avid boater or simply seeking relaxation by the water’s edge, this waterfront haven beckons you to embark on unforgettable aquatic escapades – from exhilarating jet skiing and kayaking to tranquil sunset cruises aboard luxurious yachts.

Chandlers Landing isn’t just about its mesmerizing lakefront; it also boasts an array of world-class amenities that cater to your every whim. Immerse yourself in friendly competition at one of our tennis courts or dive into our sparkling pools for a refreshing swim beneath radiant rays of sunshine.

For those who crave culinary delights, succulent flavors await at our vibrant restaurants where talented chefs whip up delectable dishes inspired by global cuisines. Indulge in tantalizing seafood while savoring panoramic views at The Lighthouse Restaurant or treat your taste buds to mouthwatering Tex-Mex classics at Mi Cocina – each bite here is nothing short of extraordinary! When day turns into night

– Captains Cove

Welcome to Captain’s Cove Marina in Garland, Texas – a thrilling oasis for all water enthusiasts! Captains Cove is a premier marina on the west side of Lake Ray Hubbard and I-30, offering a range of exceptional amenities for boating enthusiasts. With secure boat slips, you can rest easily knowing your vessel is safe and protected.

As you step onto the marina grounds, an exhilarating energy fills the air. The sound of boats cutting through the turquoise waters echoes around you, as if whispering tales of adventure and exploration. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant array of sailboats, powerboats, and yachts elegantly docked along the picturesque shoreline.

The sparkling waves beckon you to dive into their refreshing embrace or embark on a heart-pounding jet ski ride. Every corner reveals hidden treasures; from charming fishing spots that promise bountiful catches to luxurious floating villas that offer unparalleled comfort amidst nature’s splendor.

The scent of freshly grilled seafood wafts through the breeze, inviting you towards lively waterfront restaurants where laughter mingles with clinking glasses and mouthwatering delicacies await your indulgence.

Captain’s Cove Marina is not only a haven for thrill-seekers but also boasts a community bound by passion for aquatic escapades – friendly sailors sharing stories over bonfires under starlit skies while children giggle joyfully at sailing lessons taught by seasoned captains.

Explore the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the convenience of boat rentals or even join our exclusive boat club for endless adventures on the water. Captains Cove is where relaxation meets excitement – it’s time to set sail!

Whether immersing yourself in heart-racing water sports or simply soaking up the sun-kissed atmosphere from a cozy hammock nestled between palm trees, Captain’s Cove Marina promises an extraordinary experience unlike any other – one that will leave you yearning for more adrenaline-fueled adventures beneath these endless Texan skies!

– Harbor Bay Marina

Welcome to the captivating world of Harbor Bay Marina in Rockwall, Texas! This hidden gem nestled along the sparkling shores of Lake Ray Hubbard offers a thrilling escape for adventure seekers and serenity enthusiasts alike.

As you step onto this Lake Ray Hubbard marina, your senses come alive with the invigorating scent of fresh lake air mingling with hints of sunscreen and excitement. The vibrant atmosphere buzzes with boaters eagerly preparing their vessels for thrilling voyages on these pristine waters. Sailboats gracefully glide across the horizon while jet skis dart through playful waves, exuding an electrifying energy that simply ignites your spirit.

The marina’s impeccable facilities beckon you towards a day filled with endless possibilities – perhaps renting a kayak to explore secret coves or embarking on a fishing expedition to reel in awe-inspiring catches. Immerse yourself in this aquatic wonderland as laughter echoes from families enjoying picnics by the water’s edge or friends challenging each other to pulse-pounding water sports competitions.

Unwind at one of Harbor Bay Marina’s charming lakeside cabanas where panoramic views hypnotize as sailboats dance against fiery sunsets, painting an unforgettable blend of colors across the sky. Whether you seek exhilaration or tranquility, Harbor Bay Marina promises an extraordinary experience that will leave you craving more adventures upon its shimmering waters!

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Explore Lake Ray Hubbard

Explore the beauty and excitement of Lake Ray Hubbard Marinas today! Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just looking for a tranquil escape, this stunning destination offers something for everyone. From secure boat slips to thrilling boat rentals, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery.

With our marinas’ commitment to privacy and transparency, you can rest easy knowing your experience will be enjoyable and safe. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events by signing up for our Lake Ray Hubbard email updates. Plus, don’t forget to support our amazing sponsors who help make this maritime paradise possible!

But don’t just take our word for it – hear what others say! Read reviews from fellow boating enthusiasts who have experienced the magic of Lake Ray Hubbard firsthand. Discover why they keep coming back year after year.

Before setting sail, check out the current weather alerts so you can plan accordingly. Our marina is located in an area known for its unpredictable weather patterns, but we’ve got you covered with real-time updates and forecasts. And if you’re curious about recent water levels at Lake Ray Hubbard over the past 30 days, we’ve got that information too!

Now it’s time to explore all that Lake Ray Hubbard offers. Our marinas provide an array of amenities designed with your enjoyment in mind. Secure boat slips ensure peace of mind while docked, while boat rentals allow you to venture out on your aquatic adventure without hassle.

If being part of a community is more your style, consider joining our Boat Club. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for boating while enjoying exclusive perks and benefits along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to know about everything happening at Lake Ray Hubbard Marinas by subscribing today! Experience Captain Cove’s charm or indulge in Chandlers Landing’s luxury – the choice is yours. Embrace the scenic beauty and exceptional amenities that await you.

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